10/19/17: Plane, Train or Automobile

Traveling with an infant: Today is the big day.  Bekytt and I are headed to Ohio to visit my family for the very first time since he came into this world. I have to say I am very excited! He will get to meet so many people who will shower him with love, but first we have to get there.  When debating how we would get there, I thought of flying first.  Seems easiest, right? Well, not when there are no direct flights so changing a plane and a long day was inevitable anyway. And then you start to worry what if he cries the entire time? No one wants to experience that when they are trying to sleep on a plane. What if someone is sick on the plane? The airflow is terrible.  I considered a train or a bus as well, but neither sounded safe or easy either. So I went with the comfort of our own car.  I feel it will give me the ability to bring all of his stuff, travel at our own pace, and be free of random germs and crazies out there.  Who knew babies needed so much stuff!

When starting to pack, I realized our tiny human needed more things than I did! His special bath towel, all his soaps/oils/lotions, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, laundry bag for diapers, laundry detergent for diapers, cute outfits,onesies, sleepers, nose thingy to clean out boogers, cute shoes, tiny socks, hats to protect him from the sun, blankets, his topponcino, oh and we must bring his Boppy lounger.  I should probably bring his night light sound machine he loves.  Oooh and the incline to go under his mattress.  What if he needs his humidifier?  Thank God my Sister in Law has kids and a bath seat! Wait, he may need bottles in case someone watches him. And my pump.  What am I forgetting? Oh ya, his stroller! How in the hell was I going to do anything but drive? My car is packed like I’m headed on a 10 month trip, not a 10 day trip. And it is all for him.  I snuck in a few shirts and pants for myself, but that was all there was room for.  How do people fly with all of this stuff?  I truly don’t even think I am over packing.  I feel like I may actually be forgetting things. When did babies start needing so many things? I am sure my mom didn’t bring or even have all of these things when we were little.  All you need is the boob and diapers really.  Can’t we figure out the rest? Well apparently not, because I am bringing it all.

My initial goal was to make this trip fun and relaxing.  Stop in Racine to see a friend.  Then Chicago.  Sleep somewhere in Indiana and then drive to Toledo and visit more family before making it to good old Cleveland.  Well, that plan just changed.  Sorry friends I’ll call as our route has changed.  It all of a sudden hit me that I want the shortest drive in miles and time.  I need to have the most exits available to me and no plan for fun stops.  Bekytt is like a ticking time bomb. He can be good for hours at a time and then wake up screaming and just need his mama for another few hours.  In reality, I may not even make it to Chicago with him.  I promised many family members we will take our time, and that we will. I have no expectations but to make it to OH eventually. I will likely be breastfeeding in the backseat, but hopefully taking some walks along the way.   So if anyone has any favorite rest stops, let us know! We’ll try to hit them!

What I really feel in all of this is though is thankful.  Ever since coming home with the inevitable news of surgery yesterday, I realize every moment with him is a true blessing. Whether he is crying, or laughing, sleeping or playing, Bekytt (and every child) is a miracle.  I mean we can make other humans. How crazy is that? This tiny human may benefit from many things, but all he really needs is love.  Love is everywhere in his life and all of our family and friends have shown that in numerous ways.  Thank you, everyone for your love and support through all of our journeys.  Stay tuned for updates on how the trip is actually going along the way!  –Kathryn Kraft, MPT  

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