10/25/17: Being Sick and Being a Mom Don’t Go Together


Everything was going so well- Yesterday started off so well.  After a typical night of waking to eat and peacefully falling back asleep, Bekytt woke for the day around 8 am. I was excited to see him smiling and happy to be awake and I just knew the day was going to be a good one. He nursed, I ate breakfast, drank Farmstrong coffee, showered, and we got out the door in time to go visit my grandma. I even had makeup on!  I was totally winning. I loved my time with my grandma and then it was out the door for my oil change.  Side note: when your car is smart enough to say maintenance required soon you should probably do something because by the time it says maintenance required and lights start flashing and your car starts clunky on the highway you’re really going to have to do something.

This happened to us the other day and I was convinced my oil was fine for another few hundred miles at least. Well apparently it wasn’t and I had to pull over at a Get Go to purchase some oil. Thank God for my husband looking up what I needed as I drove and prayed I wouldn’t get stranded on the highway with Bekytt in the back. As soon as I popped my hood, a very nice gentleman asked if I needed help. Now normally I may take offense or proudly assert that I did not need help and continue to add oil to the car as instructed how by my husband, but this time I had a baby on board. This time I’d rather sit back and watch and be incredibly thankful that he assumed I needed help because well, I did.

After 3 quarts of oil, we could finally see a mark on the dipstick and I was good! So thankful to have had help all around and so thankful to be in a safe spot nursing in my back seat before we left. Well I must be oblivious to the world because as soon as I started to pull out and turn my car to exit, three cop cars blocked the way as they were surrounding one single car in the middle of them, driver still in car! WTF?! There was pretty much a hold up 50 feet behind me and I sat there nursing my baby in the backseat singing songs with my hood popped and some stranger filing it! Sorry you’re just finding this out now, honey. Forgot to tell you.

Ok, moving on. Today was better. I got that much needed oil change, came back “home” to go on a walk with Bekytt, visit with a friend, and then headed to dinner with my family. This would be the first time I was going out to eat since I’ve been home and I was excited! I knew my family would be thrilled to meet (and hold) Bekytt and I knew the member only restaurant would have delicious food within my dietary restrictions. Win win. Let me tell you, it was an incredible night. Bekytt behaved, we had literally the largest crab legs I’d ever seen that were just so succulent, and sushi grade tuna with avocado and bruschetta. Mmm. I savoured, and devoured, every last bite.

When it was time to go, I’m not sure I was ready for it to end, but these days it’s Bekytt’s world and I’m just living in it, so we headed home when he started to wake and fuss. About 10 minutes into the drive my stomach felt funny. By the time my dad got us home, it was not so funny. I just knew what was about to happen. I tried to ignore it, deny the stomach cramps, the waves of nausea, the sense that I was going to lose my meal at any moment, but there was no denying it. There was only hand baby to grandpa and run to the bathroom.

After a few rounds of this I began to wonder, what if I was alone? How the hell could I have food poisoning and a baby? Those two do not go together. One must go away and it’s not going to be the baby. My silver lining was that food poisoning only lasts a short time. Get it out of me and get going! Wait, is that what they mean by Get Go!? Anyways, at least it wasn’t the flu. I mean come on, how can you have the flu and take care of an infant! God should put some force field over moms of newborns and never let them be sick. Sick means wearing PJs all day, watching Princess Bride, and drinking Powerade. Being sick never included caring for another human being. Usually it means you need to be cared for.  This experience made me really stop and think about moms with multiple kids. What if you got sick and had to take care of a newborn and a toddler? Can you even Breastfeed?

My husband helped me here too as I somehow got a few texts out to let him know what was happening. You can indeed Breastfeed with food poisoning I found out. While that seems weird to me, I was very thankful that Bekytt would not experience this feeling. We could all guess at what did it, but the restaurant we went to was pretty high end so it’s hard for me to believe they cooked something wrong or served bad fish. All I know is thank goodness I’m ok now.  My body and my car can now move on with our lives. I will, however, always plan for the unexpected (or expected as my car told me so) next time I decide to travel alone with our son and make sure to thank my dad in the morning. –Kathryn Kraft, MPT

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