10/26/17: Baby Products I Can’t Live Without

Why didn’t I think of that- If you want to be a millionaire, I swear you have to invest in kid or baby products. No first time mom or dad really know what they need, but there are a bunch of Pinterest posts and baby stores that will tell you the must haves for bringing an infant home. I admit I did look at these and get tempted to buy certain things, but now that I have been home for a few months and traveled with the little man, there are certain things I wonder how we’d do without.

I truly thought I’d be a minimalist/natural mom. I don’t like chemicals or being wasteful.  I hate paper towels and paper napkins, so there was no way I’d use disposable diapers, but that is just me. I thought as long as I had my cloth diapers, what else could a baby possibly need? Because people have been incredibly gracious, we were blessed with many hand me down and new clothes so we were set there too. Babies only need a place to sleep, stay warm and help with staying clean right? Ha! As mentioned previously, Bekytt has more than I do! But since I get asked a lot about the products I use, I thought I’d write about my favorites. This is different than my typical blogs, but hopefully helpful for some.

Nose Frida– I like it, my husband loves it. I think we are both convinced that if Bekytt’s nose isn’t clear he may stop breathing.  Since babies only know how to breathe through their noses for awhile (so we’ve been told) if his nose is stuffed, how can he breathe? And it’s not like he has a cold or anything, he gets adult sized boogers all the time! Maybe from the milk he sometimes shoots out his nose, but no matter the reason, we needed this right away for peace of mind. It was the one thing my husband made me promise I’d do on our trip, clean his nose out.

Boppy Lounger- I kept seeing this awesome pillow thing on a friend’s Facebook. Her baby looked so happy in it and it seemed like a genius idea. You could bring it in the bathroom while you shower, the kitchen, the laundry room! It seems to put the baby on a slight incline so I gave it a shot! I literally take this thing everywhere we go. As soon as Bekytt has digested his food, I lie him in this either on his back or side. It says very clearly not to let babies sleep or lie on their side in this, but Bekytt does both and seems perfectly safe and loves it! It is the only thing that can make me hands free for a relatively long time.

Babyganics shampoo-Self foaming and rated very well by EWG, it smells good and is so easy to use with one hand when giving baby a bath.

BabyChic diaper bag-Literally the best diaper bag. My husband bought this for me after our first one broke only after using it a few times and it has been perfect for our cloth diapering! It’s stylish and very functional without being too big. Love it.

Grovia hybrid diapers, wipes and diaper bags. I did a fair amount of research before deciding on what brand I was going to go with, and I couldn’t be happier. They are easy to use and wash, love them. We use All Free and Clear powder detergent, not a plant based one because it does clean them better. I know it’s not the best, but I figure we are saving a lot of waste by using cloth so while the cleaning part has its own debate, we feel good with this choice.

Baby Bits cloth wipes solution- If you’re going to go cloth, might as well go all in! I truly think making your own solution is fun and can be much more creative than this, but these are easy to dissolve in water and use in a spray bottle and they work great! Gentle on bottom and my baby has never had diaper rash. Baby wipes actually have a ton of chemicals in them and I feel likely cause a lot of the rash and skin irritation babies experience and it is not just the poopy diapers that do it. Bekytt has had plenty of that and no issues.  We even started using cloth wipes in the hospital with just warm water and kept them in the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer for the nurses to use. I just couldn’t stand the idea of all those chemicals on such a tiny baby! We also use a preventative ointment as well that may help.

Biokleen odor remover- Whenever I can spray the diapers with this before throwing them in their laundry bag, everyone’s nose is happier!

Halo sleep sack– Bekytt does not like his arms swaddled and always breaks loose of our blankets, so this has been amazing to keep him warm and not have to wrap his arms up.

Homemade baby blanket- We have a few blankets that were crocheted for us and they are absolutely perfect to drape over or wrap our little man up in them. We can use them over him in the car (since they aren’t allowed to wear jackets in car seats) or when he is napping during the day. They are the perfect size and so warm!

Hearing protection– I don’t think I could have taken him to the CrossFit Games, classes, or a restaurant with loud live music without these. They make me feel like I am not damaging his hearing and that we can still do the things we want to do with him right there with us. A little big at first, but they have worked since the start!

Although it’s been recalled, I’m sure Bekytt wouldn’t sleep at night without the Skip Hop Moonlight and Melody soother. So if anyone has another similar product they love that hasn’t been recalled, I’m all ears! Apparently it’s an electric shock issue? I say I’ll risk it for now and just be careful when I unplug it! He loves staring at the stars and the white noise can be helpful too.

Moby Wrap– I’ve wrote about it many times, but after watching a YouTube video on how to put it on, it really is quite easy. Bekytt fusses a bit to be put in in, but once he is there he is happy for awhile and I am hands free. It’s comfortable and because he is help so close to my body it doesn’t hurt my back.

Angelcare bath seat– This one is my favorite because you can fill the tub up to use it, so when we are down with washing him, we take him out and let him float! I support his head (not recommended if you have never done this) like I do for aquatic therapy, and just let him have some freedom of movement. It is his happiest times and he really gets his body moving and splashing! We love it!

Burt’s Bees baby oil– Working this into his head and even on his eyebrow line, has gotten rid of any cranial cap issue we had. It started working right away and now we put it on before every bath and he has been smooth as ever! Smells good too!

Hand towels– We learned to bathe him in the NICU and we always had him wrapped in wet towels to keep him warm and happy. We use these the same way and only uncover the body part we are washing. Throughout the bath we wring warm water over him and the towels so he continues to stay warm and it seems to really work! PB  hand towels are the perfect size to lie horizontal under him and then wrap around his arms and body.

Topponcino– We now use this in his stroller or for play time when out and about, but it was also really great in those early stages to hold him in all the time so when we put him down to sleep there was no change in temperature or startling experience from coming out of our arms.

Munari Mobile– The first in the series, we had a friend make one for him and he will watch it for an extended amount of time. Since vision is the first thing babies can start to explore with, this has been great for him. Besides lights and a ceiling fan! He truly can stare at a fan for longer, but this is a close second!

The BKB by Nest Bedding- He transitioned to this floor bed pretty quickly and it’s amazing.  It’s firm enough for him sleep on safely and I can also easily come in and nurse and hold him while he stays in bed. We actually can change him here too so there is no need to fully wake him just to get a clean diaper on. It is very comfortable and should last him a long time. I don’t know how we’d be getting any sleep without it as I do sleep next to him most nights.

Jane Trider stroller- While it seems harder to find these days, this has seriously been a mom life saver. He can lie down on his side, back or stomach in the bassinet part which means he can sleep on it anywhere! He has slept in it in restaurants, at the gym, and on walks. We have taken the top part off and brought it inside when traveling as his little portable bed. It’s really been quite amazing. He sleeps better in this than anything else and it keeps him safe. I’m sure somewhere it says not to let kids do this, but it has worked for us.

Baby nail files– Accidentally cutting a baby’s finger is the worst feeling in the world. Stressing about how to fix his nails was a huge issue I had as soon as they started growing. People say you can bite them and peel them, but that never worked for us. So these are what I love, and he actually lets us do it!

Yi Camera-This is what we use as a baby monitor and it’s perfect! It can scan the room or stand still. It has 2-way sound and anyone with the barcode can log in to see baby. Very easy to see at night and during the day to keep your mind at ease when you’re not next to baby.

I will definitely do this every now and again as he gets older with what become my new favorites. I’m especially excited about trying out the Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib that we just got as a wonderful gift! This trip taught me not every house is prepared to have a baby on the floor so this will be much safer!

Please comment on your favorites as well so we can all spread the true word on what products are helpful in these early stages! –Kathryn Kraft, MPT

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