10/31/17: Happy Halloween

If Only I was Creative and Planned Better– I always get excited about Halloween.  As a kid (and teenager) I loved dressing up.  I would always start the school year off with intentions to plan a spectacular Halloween costume. It would be the beginning of September and I would be proud of myself for already thinking of Halloween.  I had plenty of time to plan and create and it would be awesome.  I never wanted to just buy a costume, I was convinced I was creative and could make the costume.  I think this started when I was little as my grandma actually could make spectacular costumes and we have some great photos to remember them.  She-Ra, a witch, a happy clown, or a prince in purple tights in my brother’s case.  They were gorgeous costumes.  So when I got older, I thought I could do it as well….but it never quite worked out that way.

I would get excited and search for ideas that would not come natural.  When college came, I would search the internet for ideas, not creative at all.  And I never seemed to put something together in time.  I couldn’t make a decision and I never trusted my gut on a decision.   It would always end up being the night before Halloween that I would be scrambling to find something.  Unless I called my grandma and asked her to make me a magnificent cape or some great prop ahead of time.  The most creative I ever got over the years was a Michael Jackson and a Jack Sparrow costume.  Jack Sparrow was my favorite.  Goodwill was our favorite place to find the pieces to create the costumes though, I never even thought of sewing.  I did continue to convince myself I would try again as a parent.  If it was a costume for my kids, I would be able to find and make something creative like so many parents do on Pinterest.  I remember loving the one of the little boy who had a walker and was dressed as the old man from Up. And then there are all of the parents and groups like Shriners who transform wheelchairs into Batmobiles or firetrucks.  I love all of those! If I had twins I knew I would have dressed them like Thing 1 and Thing 2. I couldn’t wait to be a parent on Halloween.

What has really progressed over my Halloween years though is changing from dressing up myself or hopes of dressing up any of my then unborn children, to joining friends and their kids on Trick or Treat.  My neighbors in MN were the absolute best.  It was a dream neighborhood to spend the night drinking a few beers as the kids showed off their homemade costumes. There was always a family or two who were outside having a fire and would invite the rest of us over for a drink.  My neighbor himself would dress as Beer Man and his vest would contain at least a handful of cold ones.  His kids were always dressed in great costumes, as were the other kids whose parents you could tell really cared about them because of their unique homemade costumes.  It turned into my favorite holiday.  One of the many reasons I was sad to leave MN was my neighborhood and the awesome Trick or Treating nights.  I was determined to find another neighborhood like this one day or create it myself.

So here we are. In our new place and I love our condo.  We finally have a little peanut I can dress up and get creative with.  I am in a great neighborhood where I could be the family who has the fire and maybe even the big candy bars or at least become a house that is known for something good on Halloween. I could give out something unique, something fun.  I could create the vibe if it doesn’t already exist here.  Well, it is the morning of Halloween, and the costume I got for our son is a Sweet Pea that I could zip him up in and he hates it.  Thankfully a friend brought over one of those handmade adorable costumes for us to borrow that we will try tonight when handing out candy as it is freezing outside.  I never made the steps to get a fire going out front, but I am still determined by tonight I will figure out what our house can be known for.  Who can say, maybe I’ll hand out drinks to the adults and king size candy bars, or maybe I’ll just leave a bucket outfront with a sign that says “Take one please, and only one.”  Whatever we end up doing, I am excited to finally be a parent on Halloween.  I have years to come up with something creative for all of us to be, even if I didn’t get the creative gene.  –Kathryn Kraft, MPT

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