11/14/17: This is Not Goodbye

But it has to be a “talk to you later”- Writing this blog has saved me in so many ways. It has stopped me from losing my mind when nothing seemed to make sense in the world of newborns. It has re-connected me with friends I have not been in contact with for years. And it has helped me get to know some people I either never met or barely knew.  Parenthood has a way of doing that.  Being a parent crosses many barriers.  No matter if you are a father, mother, foster parent, grandparent, or if you’re raising your kids in the US or overseas, we can all relate to one another.  That is what I love about this new club I’m blessed to be a part of.  I love writing about it, and I don’t think I’ll ever truly stop, but yesterday I got some exciting, and somewhat stressful news, that is making me take a look at my priorities right now.

My top priority is of course my husband and son. After that comes some combination of work.  In 2014 I took a chance on conducting research in my field.  I didn’t know if it would ever go anywhere, or when it would go somewhere, but 3 years later, we are finally getting close to publishing.  I’ve had an amazing team working by my side and when I got the notes back from the editor last night I got excited and stressed all in one breath.  It seems with some edits, we may actually be considered for publication.  It took me entirely too long to even get to this point, and now that I have a real deadline, I am motivated to hit it.  This research was meant to help show the efficacy of hippotherapy and hopeful add to the existing body of research in support of hippotherapy so that one day insurance companies would cover it as a form of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I wanted to do it to help increase access to kids who could benefit from it and I need to see that through.

The time is running out on my amazing maternity leave.  Bekytt is a joy to be with and it seems every waking minute is consumed by something and every sleepless night just gets me closer to not getting things done I had planned on.  The fireplace project my husband has been so patient with.  Finishing the setup of our bedroom, the office, the garage, Bekytt’s room.  We have lived here for 4 months now and we are still not moved in. I am still working from home and trying to do better at connecting with friends and family. I am trying to still work out, which is few and far between.  I love writing, but it is another thing I am putting on my daily list of “to dos.” As I learn how to take my own advice and say “no” to some things so I can say “yes” to others, I am choosing to say a “talk to you later” to my blog and I will see what else I can put on hold so I can say “yes” to finishing the suggested edits for our research proposal and possibly finishing the house projects before I go back to work, while still getting my quality time in with the B man.

I’ve had some requests for instructional videos that I will still work on when the time is right and I am still here as a resource if anyone ever has pediatric physical therapy related questions.  And I know I will be back. But for now, thank you for reading and sharing your comments and thoughts on my blogs with myself and the community.  I would not have gotten through some days without your words and support.  I will try and post picture updates when I can, but in the meantime if anyone in WI ever wants to come over and help snuggle the little man or play with him while I work, message me! I would gladly take the company and help! Happy early Thanksgiving and I hope to be back after the holidays! –Kathryn Kraft, MPT

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