11/7/17: How Times Change


Literally, how time changes- For a long time in my life I never knew why or understood time change. Once I finally understood Daylight Savings, I wondered who decided on falling back and springing forward and why to have this in the first place.  Daylight Savings still almost always falls on a drill weekend for me, but it no longer means having an extra hour at bar time or sleeping in for a little longer.  Especially when you have an infant.  

Even though Bekytt wakes frequently in the night, I have been almost guaranteed that his last stretch of sleep would last until at least 7:30 am.  I was starting to believe he knew the difference between night and day.  That he knew if it was dark he was to eat and go right back to sleep, and when it was light it was definitely time to be awake.  Daylight Savings quickly pushed up his awake time to 6:30 am.  Yay! I mean who isn’t excited about waking up “earlier” and making the day feel crazy long after a night of waking up 5 times the night before? I sure loved it and finally knew Bekytt was indeed waking up to the sun rising.  Don’t get me wrong, I have still enjoyed our morning hours as these are the times we get to spend the most time with dad and Bekytt has the most smiles. I swear he is close to laughing and it’s amazing.  I am also blessed to have a husband who makes me breakfast and coffee every single morning.  Even when I left at 4:30 am the other day, coffee was made and I had food in a bag to go.  He is simply amazing that way.  But as the days have progressed since the time changed Saturday night, I am not quite sure what to do about his bedtime.

My goal for bedtime has been 7:30 pm.  Ever since my aunt told me this is what my cousin set for his son from the beginning, I have been determined to get this to work for us as well.  She said her grandson has had this bedtime from the start.  That his parents started the routine when their son was an infant and has stuck to it.  Now that he is consistently asleep by 7:30 pm, the parents get to have their adult time be kid free! It’s just like I read about in Bringing Up Bebe! I was very excited to hear my own family was making time for adult time at night and I wanted it too.  I have also found that if I wait any later than this, then we will have an overtired, irritable baby on our hands making everything harder.  To get to this 7:30 pm bedtime, bath time would have to start about 6:30 pm.  But now with the time change, does that mean I should start this at 5:30 pm and hope for a 6:30 pm bedtime? Bekytt doesn’t know the time changed and he did in theory wake up an hour earlier so wouldn’t he be tired earlier? Why did this time change all of a sudden become so confusing and not so exciting?  

Yesterday, I decided I would start recording his feeding, wake and sleep times again. I am still a believer in many of the Montessori philosophies so I do want to follow the natural rhythm of our baby’s wake and sleep cycles, but I also want to try and persuade it a bit to our schedules.  What I found was that Bekytt still does eat roughly every 2 hours, naps for 1-2 hours three times a day, and did seem to be tired earlier than usual  I started bedtime routine at 6:30 pm though as he was sleeping until this point, and he didn’t actually go down until about 9 pm.  I say all of this just to get it out and wonder is this still normal for a 4 month old? Or are we still needing to adjust for his prematurity when it comes to sleeping and eating frequency?  I know it shouldn’t matter if he gains weight, but Bekytt did fall of his growth curve for the first time this month, so I am definitely hyper aware of his eating.  The longest he ate for yesterday was 12 minutes.  Most ended after 5 minutes and he stopped because he had to burp and wouldn’t return, not because he seemed done eating.  Is this ok? Is he still getting enough food? Lord knows I am not going to try the bottle again if he is already struggling to eat in general.  Maybe it is because he is still not feeling well after his shots? He is a little congested? Thank God for it being Tuesday and Happy Bambino’s existence.  I think we will go fo a before and after weight again and see what Bekytt is actually consuming.  

It may sound like I am a dramatic parent, but all I am doing is writing down the thoughts that go through my head.  Most of the time I ask a lot of questions because I like information.  I want to know as much as I can about things of interest.  Ask my husband! By the time he finishes frying some eggs, I am usually 25 questions in. It is not that I am stressed about them, it’s just that I am a very curious person and I am very curious about Bekytt. I’m curious why babies do what they do and how they communicate with us.  I want to crack the code and learn to speak baby and I want to know what age Bekytt really is.  I see him as a 10 week old in every sense.  His size and gross motor movements follow that timeline and I would think his feeding and sleeping schedule would too? Which would mean his schedule can’t be set yet?  All I can do is record everything for a few days in a row and see if there is a trend.  Afterall, soon enough I will be going back to work and I can’t just expect him to take a bottle or the nanny to immediately know his hunger cues because I don’t always see them myself! I sure would prefer him to be on a schedule, but I also understand that is not for me to decide.  Especially when Daylight Savings has to mess it all up.  –Kathryn Kraft,MPT

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